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Top 50 in the WorldFearless Photographers 2021-2023

Top 20 in UKWedding Photography Select

#1 in Greece  &  Santorini – Mywed

Top 50 in the World – PRO World Award

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#1 in New York – ISPWP

Top 20 all the time in Romania – Fotografi Cameramani


Ionut Poptelecan is an exceptional and internationally recognized photographer, whose profound talent has earned him numerous prestigious awards in the field of photography. Specializing primarily in capturing unforgettable moments during weddings, Ionut Poptelecan embraces the opportunity to embark on photography adventures worldwide, capturing timeless memories for couples in various countries. This article explores Ionut Poptelecan’s remarkable career, his dedication to providing exceptional services internationally, and his gratitude for the global invitations that have shaped his success.

Award-winning Photographer:

Unmatched skill and creative approach to photography have propelled him to win accolades in numerous countries. His ability to capture the essence of emotions and curate breathtaking shots has resulted in coveted awards that celebrate his artistic vision and technical expertise. With each recognition, Ionut Poptelecan’s reputation as an award-winning photographer continues to soar, making him a trusted choice for couples seeking unparalleled wedding photography experiences.

Photographing Weddings Worldwide:

His passion for photography knows no boundaries, as he graciously accepts invitations to shoot weddings in various countries across the globe. Embracing the uniqueness of different cultures and traditions, Ionut Poptelecan seamlessly blends his artistic touch with the essence of each couple’s love story, creating captivating visual narratives that will be cherished for a lifetime. From intimate elopements to grand destination weddings, Ionut Poptelecan’s portfolio exhibits his versatility and ability to adapt to diverse settings, ensuring unparalleled results every time.

Embracing Global Invitations:

He bows and humbly acknowledges the gratitude he feels for being approached by clients from all over the world. The ever-increasing demand for his expertise is a testament to the trust and admiration he has garnered through his amazing work. Accepting global invitations, Ionuț Poptelecan not only broadens his artistic horizons but also celebrates the beauty of love and connection between different cultures. His exceptional ability to capture the essence of weddings has made him a sought-after photographer for couples who value authenticity, emotion, and timeless memories.