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This is incredible! I am the youngest in World Top of Photographers, and being part of Fearless Photographers means a lot for me and my journey.

“Plan ahead and focus!”

This is my mantra. Life is dragging us in different directions, and we have a tendency to forget the priorities. I have a strict schedule and discipline allows me to focus on photography. I enjoy traveling and working with couples, to get the best photo frame, to explore new ideas and enhance my skills.

I am the new blood among the best in the World

It is an extraordinary achievement and a good feedback for my career. I acknowledge my limits and this motivates me to grow; it is something that I see also in the Fearless community. In the past nine years I worked hard to create my style, my signature, and I share that with the whole World. What is #45 in this Top? It is something to be grateful for, but comes with a lot of responsibilities for the future: see one, do one, teach one. That is to continue learning from the best, to develop new ideas, and to assist others in their career.

99% sweat, 1% talent

For many people, our work is an unapproachable mystery; the hours in front of the camera, the process of creating the photography, and the photographer’s vision are inaccessible until the final product is shared. The hard work and many sacrifices are creating the best photographers in the world, so everyone can enjoy quality.

In these moments my gratitude extends to my supportive family, dear friends, mentors around the world, and especially the couples who trusted me in important moments of their life. They allowed me to eternalize their love story and to share it with you; this bound creates a larger community.

I received the news a few days ago…

I watched the awards ceremony, and my name came up. I was in shock! Am I really the nominee? My phone went hot in seconds; my community, those who appreciate my work, congratulated me. They are giving me energy and motivate me; their energy is an impulse for me. They are keeping me on track and positive for the future, and for that I bow!

I travel around the globe on different continents, working with couples from different traditions, but which are sharing the same feeling of love for each other. Our journeys are mingled and this is why I am able to share with you the winning photos:

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